Envista Summit 2023

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11.05.2023 - 13.05.2023


Dubai, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate / English

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Envista Summit 2023
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Über den Kurs

Unter unseren Top-Referenten sind dieses Jahr folgende dabei:

Dr. Matias Anghileri, Dr. André El Zoghbi, Dr. Gabriele Gündel, Dr. Stuart Frost, Dr. Iván Malagón, Dr. Elizabeth Menzel, Dr. João Pato, Dr. Claudia Pinter, Dr. Manuel Román, Dr. Christina Tepper, Dr. Juan Carlos Pérez Varela, Dr. Diego Peydro, Dr. Philippe Van Steenberghe, and so many more.


Donnerstag, 11. Mai 2023

• Herzliche Begrüßung durch Ormco Education, Dr. Andrea Torres

• Begrüßung durch Ormcos Vorstand und EMEA Vice President, Eric Conley & Torben Nielsen

• Well-founded therapy decision between PSL fixed appliance therapy & Aligner therapy, Dr. Gabriele Gündel, Germany

• Gaining Control and Achieving Predictable Outcomes with Clear Aligners, Dr. Iván Malagón, Spain

• 25 Years of PSL Technology and development – How to effectively implement in our Clinics, Dr. Elizabeth Menzel, Germany

• Skeletal Malocclusions, 3D Technology and Aligners: Unbeatable Combination!, Dr. Juan Carlos Pérez Varela, Spain • Optimal Class II correction Protocol and Tips in Teenagers revealed, Dr. André El Zoghbi, France

• Aligners – an orthodontic appliance, not just a piece of plastic, Dr. João Pato, Portugal

• The Future of Aligner Innovations, Dr. Gideon Davis, USA

• Round table wrap-up, this session will be hosted by our Senior Clinical Manager, Dr. Filipa de Almeida


Freitag, 12. Mai 2023

• The Future of Orthodontics, Eric Conley

• Elevate Program: a complete set of services to elevate your practice

• Interdisciplinary approach to Improving Smiles, Dr. Christina Tepper, Austria

• Class III cases: Surgery, extractions, or TADs?, Dr. Matias Anghileri, Argentina

• Innovation For Better Esthetics – Gingivectomy, Dr. Claudia Pinter, Austria

• Simple protocols to Get Outstanding Results with clear aligners, Dr. Diego Peydro, Spain

• Define the paths, take control, impact the outcome: Yes, we can!, Dr. Philippe Van Steenberghe, Belgium

• When Optimal Outcomes can be reached with aligners and when can they not?, Dr. Skander Ellouze, Tunisia

• Excellence in Biomechanics in Crossbites with Aligner Therapy, Dr. Manuel Román, Spain

• The Essentials of Passive Self Ligation, Dr. Stuart Frost, USA

• Precision vs. Accuracy with Passive Self Ligation, Steve Ward, Canada

• Round table wrap-up, this session will be hosted by our Senior Clinical Manager, Dr. Filipa de Almeida


Samstag, 13. Mai 21023 / Vertiefende Workshops

• Workshop : MasterCOIP – Think Outside the Box

• Spark Elevate Practice Development

• Biomechanics with Passive Self-Ligation

• Und mehr…


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